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Dairy products

Milk and dairy products occupy an important place in humans’ nutrition. They provide human body with favourably balanced highly digestible proteins, fats, carbohydrates, mineral substances and vitamins. Availability of all components in optimal combination and easily digestible form makes milk an exclusively valuable and essential product for dietary and medical nutrition, especially for in case of gastrointestinal problems, heart and blood vessel disease, as well as diseases of liver, kidney, diabetes mellitus, fatty degeneration, acute gastritis. It must be consumed every day as a part of well-balanced diet for tonicity maintenance and as a factor of life extension.

Caloric value: 748 kcal.
Food energy value of the product Butter:
Proteins: 0.5 g.
Fats: 82.5 g.
Carbohydrates: 0.8 g.
Butter is the concentrated milky fat. Cream was used for making the milky fat. In order to do it cream should be whipped. It is very important to have the fat status of the final product at least 82.5%. Many variants of butter exist, for example, sweet cream butter, chocolate butter or with various fillers.
Milky fat ha the property of quick digesting by the body, what, in its turn, revitalizes humans. In general, persons having problems with digestion should include this product to their ration. So, for example, persons suffering from frequent constipations should use it, as it has slight laxative properties.
Cholesterol, contained in butter, possesses useful properties for the organism, as it is simply must be present for formation of active substances and hormones. Besides, fats of this dairy product are required for emergence of new cells, these compounds are especially required in nerve tissues and brain.
Oleic acid is present in butter, which positively influences the balance of “good” and “bad” cholesterol in blood, as well as it improves the total balance of blood lipids.
This product has vitamin A, which is required for eyesight and bones, as well as it stimulates activities of the immune system and development of egg cells. It also positively influences the state of skin and hair. Besides, vitamin A helps to quicker heel small ulcerations, therefore, it is recommended that butter should be used for treatment of various ulcerations and gastritis.
Caloric value: 362 kcal.
Food energy value of the product Skimmed milk powder:
Proteins: 36.16 g.
Fats: 0.77 g.
Carbohydrates: 51.98 g.
Skimmed milk powder is a powder product, which is obtained by drying the normalized pasteurized cow milk. The main benefit of this product is possibility to get a drink at any time and in any place, practically identical to ordinary milk. Skimmed milk powder is used in confectionary and baking industries. It is also used for industrial manufacturing of sausages and other similar products.
Many dishonest manufacturers use skimmed milk for making a drink, which is misrepresented as the high quality product. Therefore, always check the composition of milk, which is purchased in a shop.
The benefit of skimmed milk powder lies in its chemical composition, which practically does not differ from Whole milk powder. Due to low fat content it can be consumed by the people, who care of their weight, or who want to get rid of excess weight. This product has vitamin A, which is important for eyesight, as well as vitamins of B group, which are required for the nervous system of bone tissue. It also contains vitamin РР, С, Е et al. Skimmed milk powder is rich with various minerals, for example, iron, which improves blood composition and takes part in blood-forming. The product has calcium and phosphorus – these minerals are important for bone tissue. This is just a small list of minerals available in skimmed milk.
Caloric value: 483 kcal.
Food energy value of the product Whole milk powder:
Proteins: 24.2 g.
Fats: 25 g.
Carbohydrates: 39.3 g.
Whole milk powder is a powdered product, which is obtained during drying of cow milk. Main advantages of this product include easiness of preparation and possible use during a long period of time. Besides, the drink prepared on its bases is practically equal to fresh milk. Whole milk powder is used for preparation of mixes for children, in confectionary production, etc.
The benefit of Whole milk powder is explained by availability of vitamins, minerals and other substances, which are required for normal human life support. Vitamin A is present in this product, and it improves acuity of vision. Owing to available vitamins B the nervous system activity is improved, what, in its turn, helps to get rid of insomnia and stress. Whole milk powder has also ascorbic acid, which is required for immunity. By taking into account the content of vitamin D, this product reduces the risk of emergence of osteoporosis and rickets.
Skimmed milk contains choline, which normalizes the cholesterol level in blood and reduces edemas. Ferrum is also contained in this product by promoting blood-forming and improving the state of blood. Owing to the joint action of calcium and phosphorus the regeneration process is promoted and the bone tissue is strengthened. Whole milk powder also contains minerals, which are important for heart and vessels – magnesium and potassium. This is just a small list of minerals available in this product.